The Importance Of Revenge In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Changes Revenge-- the only answer to Hamlet’s grief. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet matures throughout the play and he becomes more aware of the revenge he needs to carry out. Hamlet learns that in order to become a better leader he needs to be just and patient. As Hamlet matures, he realizes that in order for him to carry out the most suitable revenge for his father he needs to be able to pick up clues, be patient so that he can fulfill his duty, and accepting of his fate so that the revenge can come together. In order to be a good leader, he needs to be able to do these things so that he can have a just revenge. Before Hamlet learns of his father 's death from the ghost, he is still grieving but later goes mad after he discovers that Claudius killed his father. Hamlet is not fond of Claudius and now that he knows what happened to his dad he is bloodthirsty for revenge. His reason for his madness is that he wants to obtain information on what really happened without raising suspicion. Hamlet wants to pick up more clues so that he can see if the what the ghost said actually happened. The more information he can gather, the closer the the truth he will get. “The spirit that I have seen May be a devil… I’ll have grounds More relative than this” (II.ii.ll.610-16). Hamlet wants more proof of the murder than just the ghost’s word so he wants more evidence. Hamlet starts acting mad so that he can examine Claudius to see if the Ghost is telling the truth. He
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