The Importance Of Rhetoric In Education

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Rhetoric should come back as a staple in learning. Rhetoric can help students recognize persuasion and develop critical thinking skills. Jay Heinrich says in his book that rhetoric has been an essential part of education throughout history. Only recently has rhetoric become generally unpopular. Bringing back rhetoric to students can open up a whole new world of understanding that they might never have seen before. Persuasion permeates the lives of everyone. The 2016 Republican Primary Debate took place last week. As students graduate and become adults, they are given the responsibility of voting. The next leader of the country could be completely chosen by their votes. Having the ability to analyze political debates and speeches can be crucial. Debates and speeches…show more content…
Students use logic instead of formulas or dates to answer questions. Rhetoric is more about learning skills to critically assess situations rather than facts. Students can practice their ability to analyze things thoroughly when they are introduced to rhetoric. They can learn to question ideas and arguments. “Are acai berries really the next weight loss miracle? Is the article that predicts China will be the top economic power by 2018 really true?” (Benefits of Rhetoric). Instead of taking someone’s word, they can think for themselves and determine their own position on issues. Providing rhetoric in school would give students a skill that could be useful for the rest of their lives. Rhetoric should return as a requirement in education. Students can learn to interpret emotions and words into logical techniques. They can learn to look under the surface for a deeper meaning. Almost every aspect of their lives is filled with rhetoric as it is a device used universally around the world. Heinrich constantly emphasizes the prominence of rhetoric in his book. Such a useful and relevant tool should not be disregarded by
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