School Violence In Schools Essay

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Every girl and boy has the right to a good education, but billions of children and young people miss out. Education isn’t just about finding an occupation. When one is educated, one is more likely to be attentive of his/her rights, and better able to make sure that those rights are valued. Education gives people choices and the assurance to take advantage of those choices in a positive way. Education is significant not just for the individual, but also for members of the individual’s community. Lot of people out there are living demoralizing lives because of been ignorant to education. Education does not only yield at schools only but also at homes, churches and other context of the community so does the problems experienced at schools. The absence of discipline may seriously hinder the teaching and learning process, and, if troublesome behavior prevails, education cannot be effective. In this essay we will be discussing issues faced by schools in the process of creating a positive school culture and how rights are often violated within a school setting. We will look at educators’ positive and negative reactions towards learner misconduct and…show more content…
Lack of knowledge and education is a major cause of violence in schools and also family background can lead to violence in schools, for e.g. if a learner comes from an abusive family whereby the father is abusive at home and uses violence at home this may make a child to be violent and want to do what his/her parents does on other learners. Causes of school violence
Home environment, if parents of a child spends most of their time at home fighting and insulting each other, then children at home will take what their parents do and do it to other learners at school and this violates the right of learners who are caught up in this violence. Everyone has the right to be
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