Risk Management Process Analysis

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Through all over the world, the risk management process designed to control and manage risks in the organization to ensure the success of the development, improvement and achievement of its objectives. The risk management process is applied to all programs, projects and activities that affect mainly and lead to a radical transformation of the strategic path, the organizational structure, employees, operations and customers. The process is applied to guide through the identification and adoption of the basic goals, gather information, determine the effects, determine the plan of action and risks, discuss and identify key areas of improvement, make major adjustments needed, and evacuation drills are carried out to ensure the effectiveness of the plans. In this paper I will highlight and compare…show more content…
The first organization is Ministry of Community Development(MOCD) in the United Arab Emirates and second organization is Employment and Social Development in Canada (ESDC). The main responsible of both organization is developing, organize and provide social services for community members to help them live in the better life condition. Both organization are providing services that meet their needs, exceed their expectations and ensure their happiness. Therefore, I will discuss in this paper the different risk management factors such as environment, governance, strategy, organization, and performance. After that I will discuss about their problems, way forwards, and advantages and disadvantages discussion in term of risk management.

2. Background/History:
2.1 Ministry of Community Development:
Ministry of Community Development is a federal organization in the United Arab Emirates. The country

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