Nursing Risk Management Case Study

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This assignment deals with risk management for falls in the hospital settings. This essay is divided into four main sections. First, I describe the personal experience. Second, applying risk management in nursing for fall will be elaborate. Next, I will be discussing on implications of fall risk on the risk of liability in nursing. Finally, some conclusion will be drawn as to summarize the assignment. There was an incidence happened when I about to start my 4th day of clinical posting duty, mostly I will get to know and check on my patients first with the updated patient’s information as usual after the report was taken. I go straight to my responsible cubicle. Check for every patient’s need. Suddenly, I heard a big noise from inside of the…show more content…
A staff nurse come and help. After helping the patient to the bed, we check for patient’s condition again. Luckily patient is in a good condition after treatment. The patient doesn't have any injury. At the end of the day, the patient’s relatives are disappointed at the patient because the patient never asks for a help from nurses to assist him to the toilet. No claims are made. Nurses should be knowledgeable about the protocols and standards that guide their practice and be careful to stay within their scope of practice (Peterson, A. M., 2014). Otherwise, increasing in nursing liability will occur. Fall and injury prevention continues to be an extensive challenge across the care field. To prevent the incidence of falls as above and to decrease the risk of nursing liabilities is by applying risk management for falls. Risk management is the continuing process to identify, analyze, evaluate and treat loss exposures and monitor risk control and financial resources to mitigate the adverse effects of loss (Marquette University Portal, 2016).First, good communication among clinical staffs and the patient is importance.…show more content…
It taught me about the compliance of risk management for fall and the consistency of skills required based on the standard of nursing practice so that as a nurse, it will help us to improve our quality of care and keeps risk management skills updated. Besides, it taught me about how to be a careful nurse at the same time try to fulfill the patient’s needs. Decision making is important. As a nurse, we need to think the rationales before you provide your care to or for the patient. Risk management do help us decrease the nursing liabilities, but it also remind us to always follow the protocols and principles of nursing practice or on the other words ‘not to break’ it. According to Singapore Nursing Board Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (2012), value statement five mentioned about deliver care in a responsible and accountable manner. As a nurse or a student nurse, we should prioritize our patient safety by safeguard and be aware when patient encounter danger situation. For example, patient fall. It's our responsibility to take care our
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