The Importance Of Road Safety

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According to the World Health Organization (Status report on road safety 2013), 3400 people die on the worlds roads each day. I believe that it is the responsibility of the government to devise strategies that will prevent road traffic injuries and promote road worthy practices such as not drinking and driving and wearing seatbelts. I agree with the law that makes it an offence not to wear a seatbelt when in a moving vehicle as an acceptable violation of the freedom of citizens. The South African seatbelt legislation came into effect in January 1996(AA Foundation, 2003). In this essay I will put forward my arguments as to why I agree with this law, on the grounds that : 1. We have agreed to the Social contract theory. 2. Utilitarianism is for doing good for the greatest number of people. 3. Violent and injury resulting from road accidents is a big issue in South Africa. 4. Seatbelt usage has countlessly proven to reduce injuries in road accidents. Without any rules and certain regulations put in place to govern the human race I think that our society would be unsafe and people would behave recklessly. In a lecture given by Kevin Behrens (2014,p3) it came to light that human beings are more concerned about themselves and have little consideration of how their actions might impact others around them. Under the Social Contract theory people agreed to two things; to live respectfully and harmoniously with others, “ to obey an authority and surrender the whole or part of their

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