The Importance Of Robots In Dentistry

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In this vast World, humans have hit a unique time in their history when it comes to the accelerating speed of technology. In recent discussions of a controversial issue has been whether or not robots will replace humans in the work place and have disastrous consequences on the economy or in society. Automation has slowly been introduced to the Dentistry field but in the past five years an acceleration of usage has put fear in Dentistry because of the possibility of the decline of job positions for humans. These new advancements have been used for, the increase of service demand, increase profit and speed, precision, and cost. With this new unexpected turn in human history, will robots or other forms of automation replace humans in Dentistry? While some believe that automation and robots…show more content…
Consequently, with this amazing and unexpected speed of technology, Americans now demand services that are extremely advanced than several years ago. With the new expectations and advancements, dentist have also pushed for better tools for their patient 's well-being. Artistic Touch Dentistry asserts, "2017 is also a chance for dentists and scientist 's a like to use our minds and create new dental technology that will rid our patients of their dental ailments". (Artistic Dentistry, n.d.). My whole life I have heard people say that they fear going to the dentist because of the pain and long procedures

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