Fashion Modeling Industry

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In today’s society models are considered to be some of the most observed people nationwide. They are often looked upon as role models and admirable figures to young women. Models are often notion to be tall with a thin frame, but what about the other various body types? There are billions of people in the world, all with different dimensions, so why limit modeling to just one image? The fashion industry consists of few plus size models who are vaguely featured in the spotlight (Schwiegershausen). Various sizes do not fit into the plus size nor “normal” size modeling categories, such as women who wear a size ten or eleven known as the “in betweenies” (Schwiegershausen). The modeling industry is made for diversity and should not be limited by…show more content…
Although many people believe modeling is basic work, models must be in their best conditions in order to fulfill the task that need to be completed. In many cases, models unhealthy conditions are overlooked causing models to be forced into a more severe conditions. The modeling industry and their agents should become more aware of their models overall well-being in order to make sure they are able to produce projects worth remembering. Diane von Furstenberg the president of The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) stated “i feel like we should promote health as a part of beauty rather than setting rules” (Bova). Furstenberg and her team encourage models to adapt health lifestyles when pursuing careers in the modeling industry (Bova). Maintaining good health is not only important for models while they are pursuing their career, but it is also important when the models career has fizzled…show more content…
Models frequently fall into the role model figure and become people who inspire young women who see them. Many times young women strive to imitate women they view on social media and in everyday life. “Among girls ages ten through eighteen, seventeen percent reported that they defined the “perfect body image” as what they see on models” (Schalabs). For this reason, modeling should show diversity among body shape, size, and color. It should not limit society to seeing one image although, people may only want to view one image. Great variety among models would prove to young women all sizes are beautiful and allow them to grow higher self esteem by seeing women who look similar to them pursuing a career in beauty. Modeling should show developing girls that all sizes are perfect and they can always be

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