The Importance Of Role Play

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The reason why we choose role play as our main activity is because our target age group children are 15 months to 4 years old, therefore we think role play is more attractive and easily ways for the younger children to pay attention on it and able to know about bullying. Children learn through their senses, they learn through watching, listening and especially through hands on. (Government of South Australia, 2017) The scenarios that we had planned to act out were the cases that most probably will happen in preschool, which we think children may easily to connect and implement in their daily life. At the beginning of our activities, we verbal explain to the children what is bullying. This was an activity to provide children have the opportunity…show more content…
According to some of the research, show children learn better through visual, visual help children to remember information easily. (Bushman, Ph.D.,2012) At first, we act out the negative way of the screen, which the victim got bullied by bully. Then, we act out the positive way of the screen, which how we can do when we saw this case. These two ways of scenario, let the children know the differences of what is the action consider as bullying and what is the action consider they are caring to their friends. Besides that, the positive screens provide some idea for the children what they can do when they see these happen around them. Children learn through imitation, they will learn from watching the action of the adult surrounding them. (Meltzoff, n.d.) After that, to ensure the children understand what they need to react when bully case happen in the school we had the activities to ask the children to act out what they will do when these cases are happening in front of them. For the first scenario was screen about using verbal bullying. The bully was laughed on his/her friend because her/his friend was sick with running nose and smelly. One of our group members will act as victim and asked the children to react what they will do when they see their friend was sick and smelly. Through this react, we can observe how much the children know what they can do to their friend who is sick and smelly. The second scenario…show more content…
Through asking children open-ended questions, will help to enhance children language when they want to explain or describe what they want to said. (Under5s, n.d.) Through this questions and answer session, we able to know how much of the children know about what is bullying. Then, to let the children know the people who got bully is not only physical harmful and their heart will be harm, we display three broken heart on the wall to show how the heart will be when got bully from others. The heart will be pain and broken, therefore we could not bully our friends. Then, provide each of the children a bandage and ask them to stick the bandage on the broken heart. To create the awareness of bullying is not cool and we need to always care and be gentle to our friends and stop bullying. Based on many research, show the early childhood development will influence the children future personal’s life such as their emotional, health and social interaction with others. (Australian Early Development Census, 2015) Therefore, we think the target age group that we selected was appropriate, early stage learning or influence work better compare when the child becomes an
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