The Importance Of Roles In Nursing

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Nurse is an important job in this century. In the early years of nursing, nurses take up simple roles to provide care and assisted the sick for their activities of daily living. As the development of healthcare industry advanced, nurse’s roles have expanded. Nursing as a career has evolved over the years. Nurses are taking up more expanded roles compared to last time. An example will be an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN). What is the role of an APN? In SNB (2014), APN is a registered nurse who possesses a great knowledge in the clinical area of practice and are trained in managing chronic medical condition. Castledine and Mcgee (1998) see APN as a holistic role, which consist of practice, education, leadership and research. They work closely with the doctors to provide the best for the patients. They help patients to reduce waiting time and work hand in hand with the doctors to manage the patients’ condition. As according to MOH (2014) there has been an increase in the number of APNs from seventy-eight APNs in 2011 to one hundred and seven in 2013. According to Kannusamy (2006), the role of APN in Singapore is a special role as it combines a nurse practioner and a clinical specialist. What does it take to be an APN? An APN needs to have at least three years in her specialty ward and also requires a master degree in advanced education.
Advanced practice nurse (APN) is a role that I have been looking forward to explore about. I have heard about APN in specialized

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