Essay On Romanization

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Roman empire has been one of the most powerful and successful empire throughout the world history so defeat in the battle against them and being of the part of their empire were almost inevitable. Lands of that empire spread in South Europe, partly West Europe, near east and north Africa. As a normal procedure, their culture, customs, language and so many other things that belong to them had to be adopted by people of lands which were captured by Romans. It is called romanization. The main reason how roman empire could capture vast lands is their power. The question of " what is Romanization and how did it happen" will help us to explore this issue more deeply and to get exact answers. To answer the question above, one has to be aware of what "Romanization" really meant. It didn 't only mean that the peoples had to give up their native language for Latin. On the contrary lands that entered under Rome during the time of the Republic would at the fall of the Empire still keep much of their…show more content…
Many people as they were Romanized without any doubt knew Latin as a second language, but they never lost their native languages. Latin served more as a universal language for peoples of the Empire. It was also the Language of government - anyone having anything to do with provincial administration would have spoken Latin well.

The victory of the Roman Empire that makes it such a wonderment of History was its ability to unite so many different cultures under one rule for so long, not spreading their cultures everywhere in order to create universal one. If Romans had tried to do that they would have probably failed, because it would lead some rebellion in the various part of the
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