The Importance Of Romanticism

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The nineteenth century was a period of enlightenment, philosophy and the dominance of science that witnessed the transition from the industrial revolution, to the religious awakening of the Cultural Revolution known as Romanticism. It was a time of sense, sensation and the Romanic sublime. The period of Romanticism began in the late eighteenth century, and diminished in the late nineteenth century, which was an era of widespread invention and discovery (Rosenthal, 2008:39-40). It started as a reaction against the industrial revolution, which had resulted in a detachment between man and nature, and the mass manufacturing of art. Romantics started their own revolt against the governing ways of politics, religion and society, which resulted in the end of neoclassicism. There became a rejuvenation of past traditions, as artists began to receive their creativity from nature. Romanticism had a desire and understanding toward uniqueness, imagination and passion and it was a time that valued creativity over reason, and sense over logic. All though their objective was to strive towards self-expression and individual distinctiveness, in the course of action; Romantics transformed the idea of art, viewing it as a device for political, social and cultural change. Self-relevance was at the upmost importance for Romantics, which makes the movement and an emotional state rather than a style of art. (Brown, 2001:28 & Efland, 1990:19-51). During the Romanticism period, landscape art
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