The Importance Of Rorschach In Watchmen

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Certain things just go together. They aren’t forced to go so well together, they are just naturally perfect together. For example, Oreo’s go with milk just like pen goes with paper. Throughout Watchmen, there are two things that develop together creating one thing. This is Rorschach and his mask. This pair is so important to the story. The pair of Rorschach and his mask is what makes the story alluring.
Whether it’s illustrated as black and white, cut and dry, right and wrong, or good and evil; it all means the same thing. It means that there are two definite sides or ways when talking about a certain topic. If something is black and white its either this way or the other way, meaning not in between (this in between way would be symbolized as a grey area). Throughout Watchmen, Rorschach’s mask is illustrated as black and white in color. This shows the reader that Rorschach is black and white type of guy- or in his case a good and evil type of guy. Rorschach is identified by believing there is good people and there are bad people. In his eyes, those are the only two ways, there is no in between.
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Rorschach is portrayed as someone who sees the evil in everyone. Rorschach accuses several other characters of killing, or having something to do with the Comedians murder. Once the suspects explain what really happened, all of Rorschach’s allegations against them are revoked. He then leaves the suspects alone. It is then implied that these few people are considered “good” in Rorschach’s eyes. After Rorschach was done interrogating Moloch, Moloch told Rorschach his alibi, Rorschach replied with, “you’re off hook. For now…keep out of trouble” (2.24). Once Rorschach realized that Moloch was innocent, he moved
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