The Importance Of Rowing

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What it takes to get a rower 's body
Rowing is an exercise that uses every part of your body, and when you do it for a long time at high intensity, the sheer exhaustion can make you decide never to come back. When you see rowers and how toned they appear, or when you watch Olympic rowers doing their thing, the visuals betray the sacrifice and hard work they had to invest to get to that level. Rowing requires maximum use of your cardio, muscles and every bit of your focus. To get the body of a rower is not an easy task, but it is doable. The British rowing team that comprised of rowers Tom James, Andy Triggs-Hodge, Alex Gregory, and Peter Reed practised by rousing at 6:30 in the morning every day and rowing for 200-250km every week before going
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A moderate resistance is similar to the resistance you feel when rowing in water.
While rowing might seem like a casual activity to the observer, the sport is far from easy. When you start rowing, it is easier at first, but it becomes uninteresting after taking three to four strokes. Experts say that the key to rowing successfully is to breathe properly. When in the recovery phase, you inhale deeply and exhale deeply during the drive back, pressing down your legs.
To have a rower 's body, you need to learn the proper techniques of the sport. Even though the moves are quite simple, you might not get it without the help of a trainer, but once you do, your moves will be fluid and easy. Despite its many benefits, the reason why rowing is not popular among fitness enthusiasts is not clear. Aside from being a low-impact exercise that almost anybody can do irrespective of their age and fitness levels, it combines the benefits of a cardio and strength training, helps to tone the muscles, increases endurance and can also relieve the stress levels in the body. More so, the workout places a low strain on the joints, and you can do it in your house with a rowing
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