The Importance Of Rules In A Dystopian Society

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What if there were no rules in a dystopian community? We live in a world without the overstated rules, without order, without having to be impeccable, but we have freedom an individuality. “Dystopia” is defined as a fictional world where people live under a highly controlled totalitarian system, where individual identity is suppressed and families no longer exist. Rules and orders are negatively portrayed in dystopian societies and are acclaimed to take away the freedom, choice, and individuality. Henceforth, to inhibit the control within the community, the rules should be restricted. The long list of overstated rules does not make a community perfect. In fact, it limits the people’s ability to be unique individuals and limits the freedom within the community. The rules are not important and should be restricted. These dystopian societies are profoundly ordered and have high standards, but that does not mean that they are perfect. Applying more rules to the community would not change anything. The Oxford dictionary defines “perfect” as having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. Dystopia is portrayed to be impeccable, but it is not. In fact, the community usually ends up falling apart (like “The Hunger Games”). “Seeing the flaws in a perfect world” (a quote on the cover page of The Giver) also means seeing the imperfect in a perfect world. Consequently, the people living there are extremely blind-sighted by
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