The Importance Of Rural Tourism

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2.4 Rural tourism According to (Sarfaraz Hashemkhani Zolfani, 2015), rural tourism is spreading as a component part of the environment, in a viable way to keep the locality identify and recovery lost activities. Whereas, Lane, (1994) argues that rural tourism is not only considering as a farm-based tourism but rather as a multi-faceted activity (eco-tourism, adventure, educational travel, cultural and heritage tourism, sport and health tourism). So, it is quiet expected that tourism operators will seek that opportunity to adopt sustainable practices (Jack, 2005).It also refers as tourism occurring outside the town of a country. Rural tourism has taken significant growth around the globe and has acquired vital role in developing many rural territories(Arie Reichel, 2000). In many countries, rural tourism is viewed as a solution to cope with the decline of farm agriculture to bring enough income (Arie Reichel, 2000). It is also claimed that rural tourism can deliver social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits. There are many opportunities that rural tourism can offer to diversify their local economy such as demonstration of local culture and history, accommodation and other service facilities to meet visitor`s desire. Therefore, it will discourage mass tourism in those areas resulting for rural residents to seek chances to improve their income, productivity and as well to reinforce local communities with foreign visitors. However, Chalip (2005) criticize rural

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