1.1 Explain The Importance Of Safeguarding In Health And Social Care

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safeguarding is that health practitioners and organisations work together and remain in contact but only discuss certain people that they are working with and only discuss certain aspects. This is important because miscommunication can lead to large discrepancies and can cause problems for the person if all aspects of their case are not informed and are up to date. One main principle when safeguarding children is to make sure that they are growing up in circumstances that allow them to feel safe and are given effective care. This is so children feel safe and comfortable in their home life so that they can flourish and grow up to fill their potential. (Care Quality Commission, 2018) We need safeguarding as a way to keep health practitioners within the legislation and so that they are giving all service users to best quality of care that they possibly can and safeguarding helps them to do this. One way practitioners can safeguard service users is for example if a carer is visiting a service user and they confide in her that the previous carer was very rude to them and had shouted at them, the carer should then…show more content…
Person centred approach means that all plans for care and any discussion are centred to the individual, so every persons care plan caters to their needs. This ensures that care plans are not copy and pasted and they are all the same as that implies that all people are the same which is not true. It also ensures that the service user is involved in the discussions and are contributing their ideas and they share how the plan makes them feel, so that if something makes them uncomfortable or they aren’t quite sure they can change this or have it explained to them more clearly so that they feel more comfortable. The person centred approach also looks at the service users family and friends and how they can help and what they can contribute. (House with No Steps,
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