The Importance Of Safety In Education

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At every school in RSA there are expected to have a safety program that ensures that learners are safe and welcomed. It is the duty of the school and teachers within a school to ensure that the environment is safe for both learner and teacher so that learning could be effective for learners. Safe schools can be said it is a place where learners can learn and teachers can teach effective in a warm and welcoming environment. The safety and well-being of children it is entrusted to the teachers by the parents and the teachers take full responsibility of the learner.
An action is a verb done by a person in any form. The school undertaker performed the act by not removing the sprinkler of the school rugby field as the learner
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The teacher or the undertaker did not honour their legal duty of careful supervision to the environment and ensuring that the environment is no harmful to the learners. It’s an omission because the teacher could have controlled the situation by ensuring that the learners do not enter the rugby field and if he/she did let them enter the field she/he could have supervised the learners. The omission of the learner caused the damage.

It was wrong or unlawful for the teacher to ignore the learner’s right that is section 24(a) and should have done his/her duty that is supervised and taking care for the learners. The teacher did not perform his/her legal duty to see that the learner’s wellbeing is fine and safety. Ms Joker failed to act in according to the law or conduct to prevent any damage happening to the law.
The in loco parentis position,
Ms Joker should have ensured that the learners play field is safe from any harm before there could enter to play and that the sprinklers have been removed before. Ms Joker should have avoided any injuries by not letting them in the rugby field.
Statutory provision
The teacher and the undertaker failed to compile with their role duty and the section 24(a) and their failure resulted in a damage to the learner’s wellbeing. Ms Joker damaged the learner’s subjective
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Relative importance and objectives, Ms Joker tried to stop the blood by applying a first aid on Beki to prevent loss of blood.
Cost and difficulty
Ms Joker could have informed the undertaker to remove the sprinkler at any cost to avoid a difficult situation later. If the task of removing the sprinklers was difficult Ms Joker could have requested help or reported the situation to the undertaker or the headmaster.
Contributory fault
In a situation like this Ms Joker should not be held liable alone, but should hold the undertaker responsible too because it negligent its duty too. The teacher also contributed in the damage because Ms Joker negligent to take care of the learners when she was supposed to and to do the supervision. The learners could not be held liable in a situation like this or case.
Bheki was in grade 4 which means that he is under the age of 17 which means that they do not have the capacity to act or account and this also means that they cannot be held liable for any
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