The Importance Of Safety In Human Robot Interaction

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Safety being critically important in human robot interactions (HRI) (Feil-Seifer & Mataric, 2017), has to be considered carefully as robots performing powerful movements can cause hazards and injuries to the humans surrounding them. It is necessary to identify the source of the harm to prevent such accidents. This will help to know what type of injuries can be caused and what all people in the vicinity of robots are in great peril.
Due to large operational space, there could be powerful and rapid movements of robots which further raises the hazard threats as it can lead to unintended contact between humans and the robots. Operators are required to work closely with the robot system as paths taken by robots or robots’ arms are not easy to predict.
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However, the emerging field of mobile and autonomous robots brings new threats that have not yet been equally well-assessed. When it comes to the key aspect of human safety, there always lies a good scope for improving accident’s prevention. There are evidently many accidents which have been emerged by
human robot interaction (HRI) in the near past. In many years to come, the key number of robots surrounding humans will increase to a large degree. Resulting the potential danger from robots is increased proportionally.
One of the salient features of Robots is that they gradually and increasingly pervade in many segments of human’s area and impact their lives. They tend to become a part of our lifestyle and living environment. They are useful but at the same time dangerous as their rapid and forceful movements can influence and manipulate the sharp and dangerous tools. This can be a threat to surrounding humans as well as robots. Usually, the industrial robots are installed inside the protected and guarded work cell and all the operations are consistent. Relaxation of some of the rules defined by standards makes the subject of safety more lenient. Thus, appropriate safety guidelines have to be provided urgently by the industrial and scientific
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It regulates that whether the hazards be abolished or reduced and whether a risk minimization is needed by defending measures. Safe collision detection and safely reduced speed is a very good example to explain about this measure. CE mark can be allotted if and only if the final risk assessment assures that a satisfactory safety level has been attained. Risk assessment has to take into consideration the different facets about the HRC (Human-robot-collaboration). The intended use as well as foreseeable misuse must be included by all the people who are in a range of collaborative robots. The standard EN ISO 10218 parts 1 and 2 (ISO, 2011) (ISO, 2011), explains in detail about the process of evaluating the application as well as about the safety-related requirements. ISO/TS 15066 defines the missing threshold values for robots and humans (ISO/TS, 2016). Following are the critical risk situations and the relevant protection of humans to robotic hazards which defines the type of contacts between humans and the robots: (Fraunhofer IPA, 2017, pp.

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