Bringing A Knife To School Essay

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First, the issues that concerned me the most would be the student that brought the knife to school. I would need to deal with him immediately. Safety is a priority for everyone. The parents would have to leave the office, they must respect the privacy of the student and give that student his/her due process. I would direct the parents to the Parents Association meeting where I (after I am done with this situation) or a colleague would address the data of concern (attendance and safety) and why the school’s rating dropped from Academic Watch to Academic Emergency in addition to explaining the new Report Cards. Once I have cleared the office, I would have gotten my thoughts together and I would have called the parent/s of the student immediately. Then I would have started recording the details of this incident. Some questions that I would have asked; how big was the knife? Did you put it in your book bag by accident? Did a younger sibling put it there? Did you bring a knife to school because you felt unsafe or was it to harm another student? Do you understand the implications of bringing a knife to school? How old are? Have you done this before? Are you a trouble maker? Are you feeling unsafe when you walk to and from school/home? Is anyone bullying…show more content…
Collecting data from other schools and reviewing what seemed to have worked for them and if we can do the same for my building. Creating a school wide safety awareness campaigned organized by the students and for the students. Working with the Charter School to ensure we are as one, our mission statement and are vision must be as one; safety for every person that walks in the building. This area must be addressed with deep scrutiny so that my students can come to school and have a sense of peace when they are there, only then can we deal with attendance and academic
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