School Safety And Security Essay

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South African schools have a basic goal which is to help student learn and succeed to the best of their abilities. A sense of security and safety in schools are a necessity for good learning environment. Effective learning and teaching can only take place when every member in the school is safe and secure. Danger at school threatens the school’s environment most of the time. Danger can be man-made including violence, fighting or shooting or even natural including flooding or earthquake and other accidents that occur in school play grounds. Risks and dangers at schools occur due to ignorance of members in the school. Risks and dangers may also be a result of negligence on the side of schools or the Department of Education (Van Heerden, 2014). In order to create an effective safe school environment members of the school, parents and the community at large must work in collaboration in implementing clear policies and procedures with regard to safety in schools. According to the Bill of rights (108 of…show more content…
They imply an act that is not allowed by the law (Oxford Students Dictionary, 2007:754). For example it is wrongful to ignore the cries for help of another person while you can be able to help that person, or you have a duty of taking care of that person. In that case study the teacher was supposed to respond the first time when she heard a shout but she decided to ignore it. The teacher decides to investigate when one of the boys comes running shouting her name. If the boy did not come running to the teacher and shouting her name, the teacher was not going to respond like she did not the first time. What the teacher did was very unlawful because if she responded the first time maybe she was going to find Bheki conscious and the cut not being too deep. The cause of the cut being too deep may be because Bheki started to panic and the movements he made allowed the arm to cut deep his
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