Explain Why Snowboarding Is Better Than Skiing

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Each year, more and more Americans are injured participating in winter sports. Snowboarding equipment and training programs have improved since 2000 making the sport safer than other winter sports. Snowboarding is safer than skiing because when a person falls on a snowboard their speed gets reduced drastically and it is easier to control themselves. When a person fall on skis, it is harder to stay in control. While snowboarding is safer than other winter sports, it is still crucial to follow these safety tips such as always having the right equipment and knowing the person’s limits. Some professional snowboarders that suffered serious injuries are Shaun White and Kevin Pearce. Modern snowboarding safety equipment limits injuries for professionals and amateurs alike while fostering a safer environment than skiing. As a result of the research on safety of snowboarding, it was found that Snowboarding is safer than skiing. While cross-checking online literature and analyzing video footage proved the importance of safety…show more content…
Jasper Shealy studied this question for 40 years and he concluded “snowboarders were between 50% to 70% more likely to get injured, they are also around a third less likely to be killed on the slopes than skiers” (see Appendix A). They found that most skiing collisions were because of high speed collisions with stationary objects. When snowboarders fall, they drag across the snow creating friction and causing them to slow down. Another reason snowboarding is safer is because it takes longer to learn how to go fast on a snowboard. Research shows how to take precautions for the dangers of snowboarding. Some ways to stay safe while snowboarding are to know that it takes time to learn how to snowboard, and know how to use the equipment properly. Even if all of these safety guidelines are followed there is a chance of still getting hurt such as how Shaun White and Kevin Pearce got
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