Essay On Changes In Sports

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When deciding to be active or play sports, does the thought of injury get in the way? Sports injuries occur because of contact, or from the bad technique in athletes. Some people believe changes should be made to make sports safer because sports can be very dangerous, while others believe that sports are fine how they are because all of the athletes in sports know the risks of playing. Changes should be made to sports to make them safer. People have seen how dangerous sports can be and according to the Wall Street Journal, “Brissett was examined, then cleared to return in the fourth quarter--when observers contend it was obvious he wasn 't himself. It wasn 't until after the game that he was officially placed in the concussion protocol after…show more content…
In the Wall Street Journal, it stated, “Executives and players say NFL locker rooms are largely populated by men who believe long-term brain damage is something that will happen to someone else and who fear the consequences of any dip in performance due to an equipment switch” (Futterman, 2017). This quote just shows that sports should not change because athletes are not willing to change their ways. Some of them believe that the serious long-term effects will not happen to them and only to others. They are acting like younger kids and being stubborn some would say. If they do not want to change, then why should people be trying to make the changes? It is all up to the players to hop aboard onto the safer track. I asked an NFL player that plays tight end for the 49ers if he was aware of the risks he was taking while playing, and his response was, “I am very aware of the risk I am taking when I am playing football” (George Kittle). Every person playing sports knows what they are doing can be dangerous, and that goes for about every sport. This shows you from a pro football players view that he’s aware of the risk, but he is willing to take the risk. Therefore sports should remain how they are because the risks are known by the people
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