The Importance Of Salem In The Crucible

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Salem in The Crucible from Arthur Miller is the home to chaos and murder due to witchery that is still unclear as to whether it happened or not. These events caused major changes in the characters from start to finish, at the same time a change in society. Furthermore, calling what happened in Salem a tragedy is an understatement when Salem is clearly in a state of anarchy. Similarly, authority is discontinued and Salem enters a “she said he said” state of mind which only further confuses Salem while also hiding the true slaughterer of innocent Puritan people right in front of their faces. Furthermore, this rising anarchy inhibits the people of logical thinking and hides major perpetrators right in front of them. Abigail and the society itself are to blame for the events in Salem causing murder and outrage in this town. Abigail is the character mainly to blame for the outrage in Salem. She is a liar, double faced hypocrite that will stop at nothing to get herself out of the mess that she created. Making her one of the main killers of these innocent puritan people. At the beginning of Act 1 Abigail confesses to dancing in the forest seen in the quote: “Abigail: We did dance, uncle, and when you leaped out of the bush so suddenly, Better was frightened and then she fainted. And there’s the whole of it. Miller 10.” In this Puritan society something as simple as dancing is considered abnormal. Furthermore, since this takes place in the woods it raises more suspicion, this is
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