The Importance Of Salva's Shoes

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in someone else 's shoes? Well, it all depends on whose shoes you are walking in. I am going to be walking in a young boy named Salva 's shoes. Salva is in poverty. Being in poverty means having less than what you need or none of what you need. Not having resources such as water, food, and shelter are things that are considered as a poverty situation. Living in poverty and going through those every day struggles are horrendous.
When you live in poverty you do not have much of anything, especially water. Most people probably think that when you are in poverty, that you just don’t have material things or that you are just poor. That is not always the case. When you are in poverty you have to search for your water. When you do not have a lot of water it limits the things you can do. Things such as taking showers every day and drinking whenever you want become a lot harder than what we are used to. You have to conserve the water and use it wisely. It makes a big difference not having water. It will also affect farming because you may not have enough water to keep the plants alive. When your body goes without food or water you will lack the energy to do anything. It can also be profoundly
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Have you ever had that empty feeling in your stomach? It hurts when your stomach is empty. Most people in poverty have that feeling all the time! It is difficult to get through a day successfully with that burning feeling in your stomach from having a lack of food. In Linda Sue Parks’ novel: A Long Walk to Water, she talks about a young boy named Salva. Salva and a group of refugees travel with each other to hunt for their food. In this novel, even the kids have to hunt and they have to do it all without the weapons that we have access to. Some of the animals they were able to kill were topes, antelopes, birds, and they also found bee hives for the honey. These were good resources for food, but they had to work extremely hard for

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