The Importance Of Samadhi In Yoga

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Beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there. (Rumi)

I feel it is hardly worthwhile in trying to exactly define the nature or concept of consciousness. Perhaps it is far better to admit that true consciousness is still undefinable but that it has been experienced by most people. The term consciousness is plagued by confused ideas and philosophies and self-awareness is just one of the very many goals. None the less, it can be helpful for a yogi student to compare the secular standpoint with the spiritual as found in the Indian philosophies. The yoga scholar is encouraged to strive and live the experience rather than get involved in endless debates on what is happening in the brain.
Secular Explanations
There are many different descriptions of consciousness, all trying to express and understand what is meant by the concept; medical experts, philosophers, scientists
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This is unfortunate due to the unfortunate use of the word by many so-called spiritual leaders. We can restrict it to encompass the experience of perfect harmony in yoga meditation. There are in fact many different states of Samadhi in Indian philosophy.
Ancient wise men from India have for generations been practising yoga as a means of becoming one with the object of meditation. They practised the famous forms called Raja yoga, Hatha yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga and Mantra yoga. There are many other modern yoga exercises developed and practised all over the world.
The sole purpose or goal of these yoga forms is to reach out beyond the everyday experience of just living and to try and attain self-realisation or what is known as Samadhi. There are countless descriptions and explanations of Samadhi but for my part glorious nothingness is good enough. I am not attracted to mystical or magical teachings. They all seem to end up with bitter

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