The Importance Of Same-Sex Marriage

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career marriages is an appreciation of the personality patterns which characterize individuals likely to adopt this life-style.” (30) Homosexual couples are likely to appreciate the personality of their partner, unlike those heterosexuals who practices gender roles, in homosexual unions you have the freedom to do whatever pleases you both, however marriage between homosexuals is the most complicated part since you can never limit one’s freedom. It’s complexity of whether you will implement what’s stated on the bible or on what human rights are all about, more likely people engage in homosexuality or bisexuality to feel the assurance from their partners, to feel that they are special. According to (Diaz, Same-sex Marriage Imposible in the Philippines - Belmonte, 2015) on…show more content…
The church also has secular control over a relatively conservative Congress, which has shunned legislation on same sex marriage, abortion, or even divorce, the issues that the Catholic Church has frowned upon.” ( This means that even though our country is democratic, it highly respect the decision of the church. Filipinos still find same-sex marriage impossible here in our country even though many of us want to pursue it. Filipinos still have lots of issues to face. Same sex-marriage is a very broad and complicated topic, and it might take a long time in order to implement same sex marriage, there are many factors to be considered in order to

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