The Importance Of Samsung Gear VR

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In a buying process, need recognition plays the most important role as every purchase is an impact of a need felt by the consumer. But, all that need does not result into a buying behavior. Product price, availability, etc needs to be acceptable for the consumer in relation to the importance or utility to the need. Need can be caused by basically two ways. Firstly, the internal stimuli ie the physical needs felt by the consumer from inside like hunger, thirst, pain etc. Secondly, the external stimuli, which are caused or created by the impact of external exhibition/ advertisement/ flavor/ trend. Samsung Gear VR has a social need as well as a functional need. As seller or marketer, the consumers should be motivated and taught to recognize this need through different creative advertisement or demonstration. The Gear VR can take the market in a storm if the consumers know about the diversified use and function of the product. Gaming definition can be changed by the use of this product. Personal entertainment and movie experience can also get a total make over with the use of this virtual reality. A very simplified campaign can be launched to make the consumers oriented with this must have need. (Ref) Search for Information (300) 7. Once the consumer is certain about the need, he will typically go for a search of information to find a suitable match to fulfill his requirment. The decision making process of consumer is influenced by the opinion he generates form the

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