Pay Rovaniemi Informative Speech

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Pay Rovaniemi a Visit and You Might Just Shake Santa Claus ' Hands


Once in our lives, we believed that the famous Christmas icon, Santa Claus, does exist and is lives in the upper hemisphere of the planet. Celebrating the Yuletide season would definitely mean that talks of what Santa Claus would be giving children as gifts are all afloat during dinners and early morning conversations. As you grow older, it becomes apparent that there really is no Santa Claus, but your subconscious wouldn 't take it against you if you secretly want him to enter your home through your smoke-belched chimney.


Due to the concept of Santa Claus ' existence, many people have scoured every corner of the Earth to find out exactly where he could have
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Specifically, it can be found 10 kilometers south of the frigid Arctic Circle, surrounded by hills named as Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara. The body of water nearest to Rovaniemi is the River Kemijoki, which turns into sheets of ice when snow comes into play. The total land area of Rovaniemi is at 7,581 square kilometers and is dubbed to be the fifth largest town in the whole of Finland. An estimated total of 61,000 Finnish and foreigners have been residing in this merry town since June of…show more content…
Many travelers have fallen in love with this place at first glance starting with the imposing glass tunnel that greets you at the entrance. In here, you 'd be enlightened on so many things such as Rovaniemi 's history, culture and lore associated with Sami, interactive displays featuring the flora and fauna that can found within Arctic Europe and nearby continents. This museum is also home to a restaurant, which cooks the finest Finnish dishes and a research hall for your academic needs, if any.

Pilke Tiedekeskus


Just adjacent to the mighty building of Arktikum lays another area for you to learn more, called the Pilke Tiedekeskus. In here, all efforts were injected to come-up with captivating exhibitions depicting Finnish forestry and all the magic encompassing this field of knowledge. This very interactive venue is fit for kids and adults alike, all equipped with high-tech features such as multilingual touch-screens and bear hunting simulations to enhance your trip to Rovaniemi.

Rovaniemen Kirkko


Standing since the 1950s, this place of worship has witnessed how Rovaniemi improved from the wars to what it is today. Upon entry, you 'd be delighted to see a huge fresco showing a Christ-like figure emerging from a scenery that is certainly Lappish in
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