Satire In South Park

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Authors have long used satire to uncover and censure absurdity and debasement of an individual or the public by utilizing irony, silliness, distortion, or ridicule. It expects to enhance the individual and society by censuring its indiscretions and shortcomings.
Various authors for example, Horace, swift, Juvenal and Twain, have applied satire in their works. Authors may use a parody of an individual, a nation, or even the whole world. The essence of satire is to produce a composition, which makes fun of an individual or the public to uncover its ineptitude and inadequacies. This is done with the expectation that those he reprimands will improve and enhance their characters and flaws by addressing their shortcomings.
One especially helpful definition places parody as "verbal
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‘South Park’, just trying to say the statement summons very diverse feelings from different individuals. Why? Since it has the novel and crude sarcastic power to both infuriate and amuse its audience. Nevertheless maybe the most respectable nature of South Park is in the boldness of its social parody. Matt and Trey will say anything, about anybody, paying little respect to race, belief, shade or conviction and without trepidation of repercussion. Their philosophy is; “either everything is amusing, or nothing is.” as with any program that airs for long, South Park does have filler scenes every now and then, however as a general rule its creators utilize the show to convey a sarcastic message, uncovering deception and duplicity in government policy, politics, religion, corporate America and even within ourselves as individuals. Since its premiere in 1997, the show has remained true to its ideals purpose given the way that each episode is conceptualized only six prior days it show, thus it addresses fresh issues relevant to
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