The Importance Of School And College Administration

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i. The School and College Administration should be bound to Revise practices, policies, and regulations to ensure complete privacy and information protection while enabling a model of assessment that includes ongoing gathering and sharing of data for continuous improvement of learning and teaching. ii. The School and College Administration should design, develop, and implement learning dashboards, response systems, and communication pathways that give students, educators, families, and other stakeholders timely and actionable feedback about student learning to improve achievement and instructional practices. iii. The School and College Administration Should Create and validate an integrated system for designing and implementing valid, reliable, and cost-effective assessments of complex aspects of 21st century expertise and competencies across academic disciplines. iv. Research and development should be conducted that explore how embedded assessment technologies such as simulations, collaboration environments, virtual worlds, games, and cognitive tutors can be used to engage and motivate learners while assessing complex skills.
v. Administration should Ensure students and educators have broadband access to the Internet and adequate wireless connectivity, with a special focus on equity of access outside of school. vi. Administration should Ensure that every student and educator has at least one Internet access device and appropriate software and resources for research,

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