The Importance Of School Health

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The school is regarded as one of the effective platforms for wide spread of health and education information. It is a front line in the fight against infectious diseases and the hub for providing wide range of health and social services to the children and families; through schools health system and policy can reach the entire people in the community at an appropriate literacy level using multiple languages.(2, 5, 6) School health is an internationally recognized framework for supporting and improving students’ wellbeing, educational outcomes as well as closing the gap of inequalities. (6, 25) According to World Health Organization (WHO), school health programme as a combination of services ensuring the physical, mental and social well-being…show more content…
(44, 48) The school health has evolved over the years with the overarching goals of empowering all students to achieve and maintain an optimal state of health and well-being, reach their full academic potential and develop into healthy productive adults who can take personal responsibility for their own health. (49) The outcomes are categorized into three general subheadings: (1) student outcomes, (2) programmatic and organizational outcomes, and (3) community outcomes. In pursuit of these outcomes, the global school health constantly reinforce health promotion and educational activities at all levels through school health research that evaluates and analyze the nature and effectiveness of school health programme.…show more content…
(4 – 25, 33, 34, 40) Due to its’ various multi-component and interactive nature such as school children, classroom, family, stakeholders and the community; each engaging multiple intervention strategies towards a specific outcome and so it is often difficult to determine which intervention components and specific activities or services are responsible for an observed treatment effect.

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