The Importance Of School Shootings And Gun Control

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School Shootings and Gun Control: Why We Need to Change Throughout the years, mass school shootings have become a more prevalent issue in America. But why are they occurring more often? To discover the perpetrator’s main goals and why these murders are becoming more common, it is first necessary to look at why schools are targeted. Schools are often made targets because they are largely populated institutions full of innocent children, teachers, and coaches. The shooter wants to inflict harm and pain to not only the victims, but parents, friends, family, and the nation as a whole. They intend to make others feel unsafe. The most effective way for them to accomplish this sinister goal is within a place that parents expect their children to be safe in. But what possesses the shooter to want to inflict this type of harm? Many factors, both internal and external, preventable and unavoidable, contribute to why school shootings occur so often in the United States and why we are forced to record more gun-related deaths than any other country. To prove that the number of mass shootings in recent years is genuinely affecting society, it is necessary to analyze statistics. Between 2013 and 2015, a non-profit organization that advocates for gun control named Everytown for Gun Safety, tracked 254 school shootings in the United States. After research and analyzing the data, the following statistics came to light. It was found that 53% of the 254 shootings occurred in

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