The Importance Of Science And Humanity

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Ja 'Kyrah Thomas
Professor Andrew Maust
English 101
October 6th, 2015
Science and Humanity
Science is vital in everyday life. Almost everything that people deal with on a daily basis is simplified by science. It is everywhere in the world, from cooking and gardening, to medical and technological advancements. You can think of any major commodity in the world and it has improved over time with science. The improved technology has changed the way the world communicates and has made it much easier for people to communicate with others. Medicine helps humanity because it creates longer life span so we 're able to progress in other areas. The way we used transportation over time has improved over time significantly because of improvements in science.
Communication is an important aspect of the world that we cannot thrive or be successful without. Science has played a major part in the advancement of communication from telephones to computers and cellphones. We have come a long way from communicating with hand delivered letters on horseback. One of the first major milestones of the scientific improvement was the invention of the telephone. The telephone is used by one person in one location to speak to another person in another location with the use of a landline. This allowed people to communicate with each other by talking without even being in the same area, a huge improvement in world communication thanks to science. From the roots of the telephone came the mobile phone, a

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