Science And Technology: An Educated Man

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An Educated Man We we’re introduced to SOCTEC1 as a subject that focuses on the relationship of Society, Science and Technology. It is important for us to be educated about the science and technology present in our society because they are key drivers to development, economical advances, improvement with health systems and education. (Chetty, 2012). This is the reason why I see the importance of this subject and how it will give us awareness on how we see Science and Technology around us. What I learned in our first lecture is that, there is always a bigger picture when the concept of Science, Technology and Society is connected to one another. We were shown how Science and Technology shape our society and how it influences those who…show more content…
Knowledge we ascertain influences technological innovations we use today. It also mentioned the steps and guidelines we must follow to be effective and accurate when using he Scientific Method. The first step on doing so is to define the problem. You have to develop a concept you want to study. It is important for you to be specific with what you want to research on, as it is your basis and goal of your research. After, evaluate quality sources about the topic being research on then this leads to you formulating a testable hypothesis. The knowledge we gain from this is the key for further improvements in our society. (Veloso, 2015). Each and everyday we come up of new ways and ideas on further improving our means of living and it all starts with a simple…show more content…
There is an old saying that goes as “Knowledge is Power” yet we often forget how important knowledge really is. Obtaining knowledge is essential in all aspects of one’s growth. We were introduced to Jürgen Habermas who was a German philosopher and sociologist that focused on the critical theory of knowledge and human interest that derived the “Habermas’ Three Generic Domains of Human Interest”. (Veloso, “Science and Other Forms of Knowledge”) The three types of human interest are Work knowledge, Practical Knowledge and Emancipatory Knowledge. Work knowledge is the way one controls and manipulates the environment, which includes physics, chemistry and biology. Practical Knowledge is different as it pertains to social interaction between humans. The last type of knowledge is the Emancipatory knowledge, which emphasizes on self-knowledge or self-reflection rather than focusing on others. We should not forget that knowledge is not just limited to what is produced through science but it could also be discovered through personal experiences. (Veloso, 2015). Science cannot be the answer to everything and sometimes our everyday experiences could be a good teacher. Because of this, my view on the struggles on the road ahead should be embraced as we can learn from the experiences that come with these

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