The Importance Of Science And Technology In Pakistan

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This is a crystal clear fact that 21st century is all about related to Science and technology. There is an eloquent amelioration in science and technology over the last couple of decades and this progress is making repercussion all around. As the importance of scientific knowledge has immensely increased that provide people new dimensions towards various scientific innovations. Therefore, it is now very much mandatory for the students to absorb the scientific knowledge in well apt manner in order to explore the wonders of Science. No one can deny the importance of Science in an international job market. Therefore, Pakistan needs a scientifically literate society and well apt supply of scientists and technologists to shore up the economy in order to address the social, geopolitical and environmental challenges in global and regional context. This is a clarion fact that the nations which are brilliant in science and technology, are ruling over the world. They have strong hold in international market and are producing mammoth jobs in the international market. So we can say that excellence in the science and technology really turns the things around in order to achieve something positive. Basic motif of scientific literacy is to educate the person that help him/her to single out scientific matters that are indispensable for national and local decisions and premeditated whereabouts that are both scientifically and technologically acquainted. Science practical work plays

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