The Importance Of Science Communication

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Science Communication The general public may have a stereotypical view of science, scientists and the work they carry out.[1] The vast areas in industry that scientists are involved in are greatly underestimated. Many do not realise that only for the work of many scientists we would not have the transport, entertainment, food production or medical treatment that we have today. Helping the public realise all of this is where science communication has a big role to play in society. There are so many reasons why science communication is a hugely important aspect to science research. One reason is for the benefit of the project itself. If the general public can see a useful outcome to an experiment which could help them in their everyday lives, they are more likely to support the project and fund the work of the scientists. Another factor benefitting the project is spreading the word of the scientific work in a way that can be understood by a person who has absolutely no scientific background. This can help change the stereotypical view of science and the stigma associated with scientists, while helping people form their own opinion about a certain topic and not just follow the crowd. This can ensure that people have the ability to make informed decisions about medical treatment, political issues concerning science and where funding should be used. [2] There have been many failed attempts of science communication in the past where the general public have perceived the wrong
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