The Importance Of Science Communication

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“RECENT DECADES have seen an intensification of science communication activities in most industrialized countries [...] There is a flourishing business circulating communication models and best practice exercises.” (Felt & Fochler, 2013, p. 76) Formats of science communication are always transforming and developing over time. ‘Medialization of research’ is developing in recent years, it is the ever-increasing presence of science on classical media and also other formats, for example the big presence of science online. Science becomes an increasingly large issue in all kinds of media. (Felt & Fochler, 2013)

Science is always filtered, selected and prepared, before it is published in the media for the public to see. The way science gets transformed into a newsworthy science story for media, Claessens (2013) calls ‘mediascience’. “Science journalism is, very much like science, sanctioned by the real world.” (Claessens, 2013, p. 93) Science communicators are not objective persons, they actively reconstruct the reality into a narrative, which contributes to the diffusion of scientific knowledge. This has to be taken into consideration of every science communicator. (Claessens, 2013) Good science communication needs a few points for good quality. Science communicators have to “cross-checking the sources, carrying out investigation work (which is a precursor to any science journalism work), introducing the main research being carried out in this field, and a quest for a ‘certain
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