The Importance Of Science Education

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Study History helps us to understand the civilization and development of human. Study economy teaches us how to survival in the society, and for science, it tells us the nature of the universe and also ourselves. In the past, most of us learn science only through school curriculums or professional studies, but now, it’s time to step forward. We encourage students to learn outside classroom and discover by themselves. Therefore, ‘informal science education’ (Robelen, 2011) is being more and more important nowadays. In this essay, we are going to introduce different ways to learn science, through field work, field trips, visit science museum and centers, also learning through technology.

There is no doubt that having a good concept is a cornerstone for students to learn science. I am going to introduce fieldwork for students to learn outside the classroom. It let students collect information that is away from workplace or school so students have more opportunities to work on physical activities. More physical activities help students stimulate the interest of science because some of the knowledge cannot only absorb from books, we have to find out the things that is in the real world such as animals living habits. It can active students to work more so that student will not feel bored in learning science. Besides that, it also let students have more critical thinking. There is no doubt that all of the science‘s concept came from scientist‘s research. Students have no idea that

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