The Importance Of Science In Economic Development

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With the changing in rapidly of technology and science reform in evry day, science and technology are the key to economic development, successful industrialization and modern career, and science is mainly benefiting to develop the country with skilled workers and managers because it improves health system, education and infrastructures, to reach these positions it is very importance to invest the quality of education for students (Chetty, 2012). Beside the importance of Science in the world industrialization, in Lao PDR, also has its strategic development of Science from 2013-2020 and up to 2030. There are some issues to promote usage Science in economic development; teach basic science of early childhood and use Science into the life style of people; and many activities have been done to promote and encourage scientific and technical advances in agriculture, health, education and industries (Ministry of Science and Technology, 2012). In education issue, science education is an important for all students around the world because it improves science education to increase students’ abilities to access a wealth of scientific knowledge which can explain and give reasons behind the daily functioning of complex systems around us. Science provides the development students’ thinking and skills for them to ask questions, to critically observe phenomena through their hypothesis and inference of results of experiments. Therefore, it is very useful for the students to have a view point

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