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A great athlete explores many different sports in an attempt to be well rounded. Many famous sports figures such as Michael Jordan, Vivian Richards, and Kobe Bryant explored multiple different sports and often times this helped them excel in their careers. I, on the other hand, think my previous love of soccer and experience playing it hasn’t helped a great deal with my basketball ability. Now that I don’t play soccer anymore, is that knowledge of the sport being wasted? Well, no doubt that it helped me grow as an athlete and the competitive nature of the sport as well as the energy it demanded is similar to basketball and this may have helped me. Still, it can be argued either way and there is no right answer in that case. Another example…show more content…
It 's important to remember that value can be interpreted differently. Monetary value, moral value and other descriptors that fall into this category further complicate the question. An example of how the definition of value is equivocal is the case of a family hairloom. While that object may carry significance to the family involved, in terms of monetary value it may be worth next to nothing. This leads us to another question within the prescribed title; how can one define value? This equivocal nature of the term value means that all logical conclusions made by people can differ based on the reasoning they use. This points towards a weakness in the way of knowing reason- the fact that two sides of an argument can be argued for. In a debate people argue for and against a topic meaning that there is no one definite answer. Both team for and against that topic given are right. This again further adds to how reason is different from person to person based on people 's different ideas and the environment they live in.
Memory is not a primary way of knowing, memory can only be used only after we acquire knowledge through the other ways of knowing. Memory in tok is defined as the capacity of a person to store, encode, and retrieve
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