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The advancement in the network has made it an excellent source to communicate with the public and to provide easy access to piles of information. People post articles, photos and videos on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share fun information or to discuss public issues. This kind of communication is also feasible for conveying science discoveries to the public. However, the explosion of information does not improve the communication of science greatly; instead, this causes congestion with piles of bad sciences in the social media. Although modern people spend plenty of time browsing the media to gather information, they do not have enough time to go through the information in detail to distinguish the good sciences from the media. It turns out that the public no longer trusts the scientific information provided via the social media. Therefore, there is an unmet need for scientists to build the public’s trust in the authentic scientific discoveries delivered through modern social media.

The first priority is to define the audience.
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Images and videos also enforce the memory of the audiences; this helps to build their trust in the science concepts conveyed via the social media. Media like Discovery and National Geography channels are good examples of communicating science via the social media. They have built trusts of the audiences in the scientific information delivered by providing objective, balanced and realistic science communication. However, due to the fast lifestyles nowadays, most audiences do not have one to two hours to watch the full programs at first place. To pack information necessary to communicate a scientific concept in videos within ten to fifteen minutes will be the major

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