Essay On Science And Society

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Introduction “Society has and ought to have an interest in scientific research because it is supported by, and for the good of, society”.
- Jorge Morales Pedraza
From this statement, it is clearly defined that science is for society and society is for science. Science greatly relies on the needs of the society and society relies on the information provided by scientists. Citizens exerts most trust on their belief to scientific theories and principles, they believe that scientist and expertise has greater knowledge than anybody else. People always consider science as first and last option as source of reliable and true knowledge. This research shows that Science as an empirical knowledge and study of the natural world is a vital part
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The beginning of the XXI century, many inventions were provided by scientific advancement such as new technologies in electronics, computing and fiber-optic technology, software, telecommunications, robotics, manufacturing and processing of energy resources. These inventions determine the level of scientific development of one society that also leads to economic development. The relation between scientific advancement and technological innovations defines the development of one economy. Scientific advancement means the rise of innovations that accelerate the process of production in industries, faster transportation of goods, enhance and better communication and also development of social infrastructure and structure. Technology from then is used by society. From this, the link between science, technology and society continues. Science also helps industry in society as recognized by Ritcher (1995): “Science enables industry and for the most effective development of new technologies there must be a continual interaction between the scientists in the laboratory and engineers in industry to effectively and quickly reduce scientific discovery to practical
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