The Importance Of Scientific Literacy In Science Education

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As an educator with no former degree in education, scientific literacy in its raw term means a display of a student 's adequate understanding of scientific terms. The word “literacy” can either mean one’s ability to read and write or knowledgeability, learning, as well as education (Norris and Phillips, 2003). Therefore, scientific literacy would mean the above definition in the field of science. Perhaps due to ignorance, this term was at first foreign to me. In researching for this assignment, however, it dawned on me why scientific literacy is a central issue in science education. There has been rapid and vast increase of the number of scientific and technological products that become substantial of our everyday life. This ranges from health products, beauty merchandise, smart gadgets, to environment-friendly vendible. Hence, almost everyone, if possible, require some scientific literacy so that they are able to decide and engage in debates about scientific issues (Tasakorn and Pongtabodee, 2005).

Scientific Literacy as Central in Science Education

So, what does science literacy has to do with science education? My two cents’ worth believes that what better way to spread scientific literacy to the society than through science education in schools. Yuenyong and Narjaikaew (2009) stated that a scientifically-literate person is well-versed of science related public issues and is able to make decisions and thus improve the quality of his or her life. This is through
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