Nurse Seclusions

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There are many issues in debate need more studies and to met appropriate position in these issues, so, there is position statement that defined is stand on a topic or debate to lets people know where you’re is this topic, and can be used in policy, literature, ethics, and legislation (Education Portal, 2013). According to American Nurses Association position statement defined as a show your opinion of action by explanation, a justification or a recommendation for this action (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2014)
In psychiatric field there are many issues need position statement for increase the quality of care in psychiatric field and choosing the best decision. Mental disorders account for a significant and growing proportion of the global
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Secluding patients is dilemmas and conflicts for nurse. There are policies lead to reduce seclusion, policy in Australian government identified a safety priority by reduction or possible elimination of seclusion and facilitate to explore the indications and intervention to reduce seclusion (Happell & Koehn, 2010). The staff nurse who experience of large number of seclusion felt negative emotions, conversely staff nurse who lower level of qualification felt less negative emotions (Gelkopf et al., 2009). Moran et al. (2009) reported that the nurse experienced distressing emotions response to seclusion and the nurse try to suppressed emotions to going in…show more content…
During psychiatric nurse work in psychiatric setting may exposed to aggressive behaviors from patients that affect on the physical and psychological health of nurse and may produce to increase absence of nurse related to illness (De Benedictis et al., 2011). Seclusion may effect to psychiatric patients by develop negative perceptions of center of mental health, that affect on treatment (Steinert, Bergbauer, Schmid, & Gebhardt, 2007).
Ethical issues facing seclusion. There are studies shown ethical and moral dilemma of using seclusion with psychiatric patients. Kontio et al. (2011) reported need for the requirement to change culture of seclusion to nurses about the attitudes of negligent to basic needs like access to the toilet and washing. Furthermore, ethical issues divided to autonomy of free self control, human dignity by affect violation to dignity, and experiences of patients shown negative perception, although, deferent in perception of beneficial of seclusion between patients and staff (Prinsen & van Delden, 2009).
Proponents Opinions of Using
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