The Importance Of Second Language Education

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In linguistics, the term bilingual education is used to refer in an equivalent way to second language education and its definition is: “la planificación de un proceso educativo en el cual se usa como instrumentos de educación la lengua materna de los educados y una segunda lengua, con el fin de que éstos se beneficien con el aprendizaje de esa segunda lengua, a la vez que mantienen y desarrollan su lengua materna” (Zúñiga, M., 1989) Language-learning is shown to come with a host of cognitive and academic benefits and knowing a foreign language is an undoubtedly practical skill, (Friedman, A., 2015) that is why many countries decide to implement second language education programmes, so that their citizens can improve their skills in many different fields in the future.
1.1 The Start of Second Language Education
Different factors have a lot of influence in second language education, for instance — migration due to job, studies and touristic travels; the public policies of the government to create a society more inclusive and tolerant and at the same time it allows to reach the best quality level of education between one country and another. Second language education occurs under the scope of globalization as way to make easier and faster the communication. Most of the countries in the world have implemented second language education using different techniques with the resources that are available, in a way second language education includes several languages which are more

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