The Importance Of Security Management

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Here at Security Solutions Direct we take immense pride in dealing with the identification and management of the different types of risks that organisations face in today’s world.
Our security organisation specialise in effective management of risk. We believe that the effective management of risk is the foundation for the role of every security professional.
Our highly trained, risk aware security professionals provide solid security risk analysis. We provide competent security reviews which will assess the threats and risk posed to your organisation. Our risk analysis is an excellent way of communicating matters of security to your organisation and to define responsibilities and accountabilities for security management within your organisation.
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This assessment gives our security expertise knowledge of the relevant importance to each of the particular. Following the risk workshop and the risk assessment process each of the risks that face up to your organisation will be a given score. This score is calculated by multiplying the level of impact the risk would have on your organisation by the probability of the risk occurring.
This process gives our security professions a tangible figure on which we base our security management protocols and controls on. We will then adjust accordingly to the higher potential risks your organisation face, but make no mistake that we still pay great detail on the less likely risks and occurrences too.
In conjunction with our high standards and in depth processes in regards to risk, we have a similar process for our vulnerability analysis. Our effective vulnerability analysis is a valuable tool in the creation of effective risk control and management policies. We use the results of the vulnerability analysis to assess how vulnerable your organisation is to risk. This can come in the forms of environmental, manmade and computer based hazards or
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The second stage our company offers is to then progress onto what we call a vulnerability assessment. Our risk aware security professionals can assist your organisation is considering each of the vulnerability's to your organisation faces and then assess them accordingly. We base our rating on how severe the impact would affect your organisation on its day to day operations and infrastructure. When we consider our ratings we always refer to the confidentiality, integrity or availability of your organisation can be compromised.
Our impact vulnerability ratings are as follows:
i. Devastating
This impact can be described as DEVASTATING to the building or infrastructure to your organisation is so badly damaged that it is no longer possible for your organisation to continue its operations. ii. Severe
This impact can be described as SEVERE if your organisation would have to cease operations temporarily, and possibly operate from alternative premises while repairs and remedial works are undertaken. iii. Noticeable
A NOTICEABLE impact is one where operations are disrupted temporarily but return to normal within a relatively short period of time. iv. Minor
An impact such as MINOR is if an accident is recorded and responded to but has no

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