The Importance Of Segregation In America

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Ever feel like something or someone is unfair to you? Well guess how African Americans felt almost 130 years ago. Whites thought that they were being “equal” to African Americans, but if you look at the past, you can clearly see many differences that made African Americans far from equality to whites, this was segregation. Segregation is wrong because white people seem to be favored over blacks, are also treated poorly from whites, and deserve more than what has been given to them. To begin with, the whites seemed to violate the 14th Amendment which ensured equal protection under the law for all citizens. Going back to about 1892, Homer Plessy’s case made it through the Louisiana court system, but of course Louisiana tried to get around it, “The state of Louisiana argued that the 14th Amendment only applied to nationwide laws, not state-specific laws”(Source 1, par.2). In view of Plessy, it was unfair to have a law that was unconstitutional above their heads and have no say in the aftermath due to the color of your skin. Despite the court, Plessy kept pushing to find someone who would hear them out and see the case from their side. With Plessy’s case, making it to the Supreme Court, Louisiana defended itself by saying the whites-only and blacks-only train cars had the same quality, “Looking at it that way, the segregated-train mandate did not violate the 14th Amendment’s equal protection requirement. The train-cars were “separate, but equal.” and therefore it was
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