The Importance Of Selective Service In The United States

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The United States selective service has always been for the male citizens. This is how it has been since it was started and now has come up as an argument between rather woman should or should not be included. I think that everyone should serve their country equally, meaning that woman as well as men should have to sign up for the selective service. Woman have been given the choice to join the armed forces for many years now, but have always been exempt from having to sign up for the selective service. THe selective service have forced all male citizens, unless they have some type of disability or other reason, to sign up on their 18th birthday. Many women want equal rights with men,but only some of them actually take the initiative to sign up for the draft.…show more content…
In the article that I read it said “It would weaken not strengthen, military readiness in a time of national emergency.” (Upfront 23) Women could serve many different roles in the military. Most anyone could easily be taught and trained to fight, but also to get medical training to help wounded soldiers. Many people think that women are fragile or “feminine”. This is a problem in modern society in the eyes of some people. Others believe that women could not support or help as much as a male could. With the question of whether or not women should be forced to sign up for the draft at the age of 18, my opinion is that they should. Even though others believe that women should not have a role in the military selective service, there needs to be change in our society. It would be a big step in the growth of the “equality” problem of
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