The Importance Of Self Assessment

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Self assessment tools are used to help people make informed career decisions. Also, it assists the person find out how to gather information about his values, interests, personality and aptitude and how to use that information to help him making decision or being a good leadership. Emotional intelligence, communication abilities, motivation, and decision making are playing very important role in the career life and the person can find out what effect he has and learn about several of self assessment tools. According to Boud (1995), all assessment including self-assessment comprises two main elements: making decisions about the standards of performance expected and then making judgments about the quality of the performance in relation to these…show more content…
This assessment is measuring the level and skills of the personal leadership. Also, the leader should not only guide others to ensure great professional success, but also to inspire, influence, and most importantly, motivate his employees. It is important that the leader should motivate himself first to become a motivational leader. He should be striving toward excellence and that by committing to becoming everything he is capable of becoming. Also, motivational leader can be throwing whole his heart into doing the job in an excellent way and keeping continually for ways to help employees to improve their performance and achieve their goals. Leader who follows the organization’s strategy can make the workplace and employees productive and creative especially if he has a high level of emotional intelligence and can affect subordinates who are under the oversight of the emotionally intelligent leader. Leader can make productive place to be, or he can make it a routine, boring, and ineffective place where everyone dreads to go. According to Steve Jobs, attributes the innovations at Apple “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have…It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it ” (Kahn, 2011). So, motivation is the way that makes the leader to bring the success in his…show more content…
Also, it shows few example of the most important self – assessment that can increase the knowledge of the person toward values, interests, personality and aptitude. The report has describing and explaining the emotional intelligence and some of its tools and how it can make a positive outcomes and the satisfaction between leader and employees. Decision making assessment has been also covering in this paper, and includes some methods of how making decisions. Finally, it shows some of the impact that bad leadership can bring to the organization and how affect the organization’s

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